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Please indicate if you plan on attending the dinner at the DZ on Sat night of the big way warm up weekend and/or Sat night of the record event. And if you will need extra dinner tickets for those nights. 
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April 19th - Friday tunnel time
April 23rd - Tuesday tunnel time
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Fill out the  registration form below and when it is received, I will send you an email with your total costs. Your deposit will secure your slot.   There are several ways to pay. One method is to mail a check made payable to Carol Jones, PO Box 3928, Alpine Wy 83128. Another method of payment is to call Skydive Perris at 951-657-3904 and pay with your credit card. There is a 3.5% charge for using your credit card. NOTE: PayPal also charges a fee which you must add to your total cost if you wish to use that payment method. Non US jumpers may still pay in cash when they arrive. Please no checks from non-US banks as my bank also charges me a fee. Final payment is due by March 15, 2019.


 Big Way warm up package - $375 / Deposit- $100

 WSOS World Record package - $150 (Mon only) / Deposit - $50

Tunnel time  - $price to be announced$ / Deposit - $100

SOS World Record  package - $880 / Deposit - $150  

JOS world record package - $515 / Deposit - $100

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JUMPER GLOVES (one pair free to each participant)
Big way warm up
SOS world record
Women SOS world record
Tunnel time
Jumpers Over 70 world record
Dan B.C.
Carol Jones
Bill Jones
Paula Thues
Larry "LT" Thomas
Marshall Madden
Marty Jones
other (list below)