Carol Jones, D17918, has been skydiving for over 20 years. Carol holds several world, state and national skydiving records. Since 1998, Carol has actively organized and coached SOS, JOS and JOES world record events. Carol was part of the 2018 66 SOS world record. Carol will also be one of the plane captains for the SOS world record. Carol enjoys fishing and hunting in Wyoming with Bill and their families. Carol is also a frequent contributor to Parachutist magazine.
Bill Jones, D924, who retired from a lengthy military career, has started, nurtured and sold more drop zones than almost anyone else. Bill is a 2012 SOS and  JOES and a 2017 JOS world record holder. Bill is celebrating over 60 years of continuous jumping. Bill is remembered for the fabulous Summer Solstice Boogies he and Carol organized when they owned their DZ in Alaska. Bill is currently loving retired life in Alpine, Wyoming.

LT has been jumping for 20 years and has 4000 skydives. As a member of World Team, LT has extensive experience in big ways including being on 50 100 ways that completed; the Florida State 222 way record; the World Team 2 point 222 way; K2 World team 3 point 64 way; and the 2 point 108 way world record. LT has also been on numerous SOS World records starting with the 39 way and including the current 75 way, 2 point 60 way and 4 point 57 way. POPS records include the 113 way, 120 way, 2 point 95 way and 2 point 110 way. LT has competed for 8 years at the Skydiving Nationals, including the 2018 Nationals. LT was also a part of the Oshkosh 66 way.
Marshall began skydiving in 1994. Starting later in life, Marshall didn't waste any time. He has been on 10 POPS World records since 2000 and has earned his 48 hour freefall badge. He has been on 4 Texas state records since 2003, 5 Texas state POPS records since 2000; 3 Texas SOS records; the POPS record of 130 set in 2016 and has participated in the SOS World records since 2012, including the 60/60 world record in 2012 and the current 75 way and 2 point 60 way. Madden was also a participant in the 4 point 57 way SOS world record.
Marshall's home DZ is Skydive San Marcos but also lists his 2nd DZ home as Lost Prairie MT. Marshall credits Harry Hopkins and Mad John Dobleman as his mentors.  We are excited to have Marshall back again as base captain for the 2019 team.
Marty is the life partner of Selena Jones, and the oldest son of the famous Jones clan. He is currently employed as a professional skydiver with 13,000 skydives to date. Marty is semi-retired, working at Velocity Sports Equipment building the best skydiving equipment available in the industry. Marty has been skydiving for over 48 years. He is a five-time member of the United States Parachute Team, two-time national champion and a two-time Silver medalist in world competition. He also holds four world records for largest formation skydive. Marty is a Master Parachute Rigger, AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Air Frame and Power Plant Mechanic and Pilot. His spare time was spent employed for over 20 years working with the Air Force Academy Parachute Team as a training instructor, coach, and program manager.

At the young age of 62 he still loves to skydive and has been seen around the dropzone wearing a wingsuit. A current member of the 2017 Sharkets ten-way speed star team, the proud recipient of the God Frog Award at the USPA National Championships….

Dan B.C. will again join the SOS world record team as lead organizer. Dan will also be organizing the JOS world record.  Dan made his first jump in  1980 and has  26,000+ total jumps. He is an AFF, Static Line and Tandem  Instructor, a pilot, a Rigger, and a  DZO. Dan was part of the organizing team for the 300 way World Record and has also organized numerous successful POPS and Women's world records. He was part of the organizing team for the  SOS 65 and 66 way world record and the current SOS sequential record of a 2 point 60 way.

Paula Thues started jumping in 1988 and have been jumping continuously for 30 years. Paula is a Perris load organizer and has 5200+ jumps. She prefers big ways to competition, as she enjoys their cooperative nature. Paula has been on several world records, including the 300 way and all 4 Jump for the Cause events. Paula looks forward to setting new SOS records this year.