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Welcome to the Skydivers Over Sixty 2014 World Record website!!

Event coordinators Bill and Carol Jones are excited to announce that the 2014 SOS World Record will be taking place beginning on Wednesday, April 9th and running through Sunday April 13th.

Skydive Elsinore in Lake Elsinore, California will be the event location. Drop Zone owners, Karl Gulledge and John Hamilton, along with the gracious cooperation of Skydive Perris are already working on making this the best SOS World Record event to date. They will be furnishing the SOS with a Sky Van, 2 Twin Otters and a Caravan. (yes, 4 aircraft) Skydive Elsinore has a gear shop, on-site rigging services, numerous packers, camping sites and breakfast and lunch available daily during this event. If you have non-skydiving family or friends attending with you, they may want to try a tandem skydive. The scenery is terrific. Be sure to check out Skydive Elsinore’s website for photos and for information on the facilities available to you.

Skydive Elsinore DZO John Hamilton will be returning as the SOS World Record  organizer. John, still actively competing and coaching, offers to SOS the experience and skills derived from many years of competition skydiving and coaching.  Base captain will be Marshall Madden and plane captains are Bill Jones, Larry Thomas, Pete Stone and Tom Webber.

The 2014 SOS World Record team also features Jeff Jones as the record team co-organizer and the stand-by Team Coach. Jeff, son of skydiving pioneer Bill Jones, has the unique talent of recognizing and maximizing each skydiver’s particular strengths.

The current SOS World Record is 60 set in 2012 at Skydive Elsinore.  We have not yet set a specific goal for 2014 but we are thinking 70 sounds like a nice number!

The SOS World Record  week will actually start the weekend prior with a Masters Skills camp. This camp will be on Sat April 5th and Sun April 6th. The big way skills camp coaches will be John Hamilton and Jeff Jones. This camp is an excellent way to brush up rusty skills from the winter layover, re-focus on skills necessary to be successful on a big way formation skydive, and also is a great way to let the organizers get to know who you are and where to best slot you for the world record. There will be 4 jumps done from regular jump altitude each day including extensive briefing and de-briefing by the coaches.

Monday, April 7th, the ladies will take center stage again! We are setting aside a dedicated day for the Women's Skydivers Over Sixty World Record. Last year, the ladies rocked the skies and set numerous world, national and state records during the SOS world record week including setting 9 records on one skydive. They are determined to crush their previous record. Any SOS ladies out there  - better get in on the action.

Tuesday, April 8th, the Perris Sky Venture Wind Tunnel at Skydive Perris has offered discounted tunnel time for SOS. John Hamilton will again lead the team of tunnel coaches. They have excellent drills you can perform in the wind tunnel to help get you ready for the world record. And you don’t have to be a skydiver to have fun in the wind tunnel.  Indoor skydiving would be a thrill for your non-skydiving friends and family.

BBQ dinners will be served at the drop zone on Saturday night of the skills camp weekend and Friday and Saturday nights during the record event. Friday evening (April 11th) is Rookie Appreciation night. Rookie Appreciation night is our chance to get to know the SOS Rookies, those who have recently turned 60. Saturday night (April 12th) will be our traditional SOS Reunion dinner. There will be great door prizes donated by many organizations in the skydiving industry. Family and friends are welcome to join us for the dinners and festivities on all evenings.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Bill and Carol Jones

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World Record - Monday April 14th